2015 Young Playwrights Festival Honorees:

Staged Honorees

Ms. Gordy’s 2nd Grade Class

Foxy Grandpa

Grade 2, Creative City Public Charter School, Baltimore City

Foxy Grandpa is the story of a grandpa who goes on an epic journey filled with twists and turns and flips and loopty-loops. Many belly laughs will be had in this hilarious second grade extravaganza!

Mia Boydston

The Monster at the Border

Grade 4, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore City

Six young girls, detained at the Mexico-United States border with only each other, band together to rally their strength and bravery as forces beyond their control threaten their safety and determine their fate.


Ethan Martin

Mo The Spy Tree Frog

Grade 6, Harford Day School, Harford County

On a mission for the resistance group The Fly Swatters, young tree frog Mo must infiltrate the evil Hissing Gem Corporation to free his fellow tree frogs and promote justice in the jungle.


Lucia Schmidt

Symphony of the Dead

Grade 8, City Neighbors Charter School, Baltimore City

In this understated and poetic piece, two young visitors to the local cemetery ponder death, God, music, and their own place in the world.


Amber Ruffin and Daniel Longest

Mistaken Identity

Grade 10, Dulaney High School, Baltimore County

When two clueless cops interrupt a 7-Eleven robbery, it's unclear exactly who is robbing whom.  Chaos ensues.


Brielle Jobe

Don’t Rock the Boat

Grade 10, Governor Thomas Johnson High School, Frederick County

The rooms at Hotel-23, where all your dreams come true, are reserved only for those in the most desperate state of sadness. When invited to become a Hotel-23 resident, Riley must choose between the reality and honesty of his street urchin life and the false illusion of perfection.


In-School Readings Honorees

Gabriel Zerhouni

Bored Animals

Grade 2, Gilman School, Howard County

After eating the magic roots of the magic oak tree, Dwad the turtle and Fonchew the Canada goose peer into their futures.  But if you already know what's to come, what's the fun?


Shreekanya Mitra

The Garden Catastrophe

Grade 4, Wood Acres Elementary School, Montgomery County

With only a month until the Junior Jonny Tomatoseed Contest, Sally wakes up to discover that her beautiful garden has been destroyed. The green-thumbed gumshoe must find who sabotaged her hard work and sow the seeds of forgiveness.

Kearies Dunton-El

I Want a Dog

Grade 5, Edgecombe Circle Elementary, Baltimore City

All Odell wants in life is a canine companion, but his parents will not budge, until one startling event changes everything!


Mari Caplan

The Story of Faith and Ivy

Grade 6, St. Paul’s School for Girls, Baltimore County

Bored of the same old fairy tales, Sophie begs her grandmother to tell her a new bedtime story.  The tale of twin sisters Faith and Ivy, driven apart by Faith's almost impossible secret, explores ambition, jealousy, and loyalty.


Natalie Milligan

We the Internet

Grade 7, Harford Day School, Harford County

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and the whole rest of the crew attend Internet Academy, where -- as with any good high school drama -- popularity reigns and angst abounds.  There's also a weird ghost named MySpace who haunts the school.


Tamauri Beasley

We’re Both Strong

Grade 7, Sisters Academy, Baltimore City

Two up-and-coming soldiers find themselves at odds with each other over the very thing they share in common.


Amber Wheeler

And Still

Grade 11, Baltimore School for the Arts, Baltimore City

ZoZo and Cassy haven't seen each other in years, and still, after all the twists their lives have taken, their chemistry is electric.


Kendra Grissom

The Heated Heart

Grade 11, Centennial High School, Howard County

In 1969, the racial tension in Memphis, Tennessee is at an all-time high, and one family is caught in the middle of it all. How deeply affected are those witnessing the surrounding events, and to what lengths is one person willing to go in order to prove that we are all equal?


Alison Vincitore


Grade 12, Meade Senior High School, Anne Arundel County

Self-medicating and trapped in an abusive marriage, Marlee stretches her wings to reinvent herself.  But no matter how hard she tries, she can't completely escape her past.

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