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For 54 years, the State Theater of Maryland has proudly transformed a bare stage into countless different eras, vistas, and circumstances, transporting you and our audiences and helping to bring new and different stories into vivid reality. 

Every time you settle in your seat, you see the stage magic that brings whole new worlds to life—but none of that happens without the finely honed skills and painstaking efforts of the artisans behind the scenes and in our workshops: carpenters and props masters, stitchers and dyers, scenic painters, welders and upholsterers.  

As you can imagine, there is a cost to fine art and craftsmanship—money that our affordable and accessible ticket sales alone doesn’t cover. So we rely on thoughtful, passionate theater-lovers like you to join the effort and lend a hand in making the stage magic possible. 

Please play your part in assuring the continued level of quality and creativity you and our audiences expect and appreciate by making a gift today.  


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