The Wiz

Book by William F. Brown
Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls
Based on the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Directed by Irene Lewis
The Pearlstone Theater

Sep 29–Nov 7 (NOW CLOSED)

Follow Dorothy and her friends as they ease on down the Yellow Brick Road, match wits with the Wiz, confront Evillene and her menacing monkeys, and awaken Oz to a brand new day. This funky musical adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s beloved classic explodes onstage with a vibrant infusion of ’70s rock and Motown melodies.

Parental Guidelines:
A classic Motown musical hit appropriate for all ages—as long as you aren’t intimidated by menacing monkeys and Evillene’s wicked ways.


This production ran 2 hours 20 minutes including one 15-minute intermission.


The Cast

in alphabetical order

Eric B. Anthony*

Jonathan Burke*

Tym Byerz*

Kristen N. Dowtin*

Manoly Farrell*
Ensemble/Dance Captain

LaTrisa A. Harper*

Daisy Hobbs*

Mel Johnson, Jr.*
Tin Man

Kingsley Leggs*
Uncle Henry/The Wiz

Alison Mixon*

MaShawn Morton*
Ensemble/Fight Captain

Alfie Parker, Jr.*

Wayne W. Pretlow*

Angela Robinson*
Auntie Em/Glinda

Gwen Stewart headshot
Gwen Stewart*


Bret Torbeck*, Julianne Franz*
Stage Managers

Christopher Michael Borg*
Assistant Stage Manager

*Member of Actors' Equity Association

Artistic Team

Irene Lewis

Willie Rosario

Eric Svejcar
Music Director/Orchestrator

Christopher Barreca
Scenic Designer

Candice Donnelly
Costume Designer 

Rui Rita
Lighting Designer

David Budries
Sound Designer

James Magruder, Otis Ramsey-Zöe

J. Allen Suddeth
Fight Choreographer

Brian Barry
Assistant Choreographer

Victor Simonson
Associate Music Director

Janet Foster
Casting Director

Jon Carter
Hair & Wig Designer






Rating - | Feb 16 2011 3:52PM

Thank you to every person who came to see the show! And to CENTERSTAGE staff, thank you for making this the BEST experience ever! Eric B. Anthony aka "the Scarecrow" Rating - | Nov 9 2010 12:41PM

An absolute delight....attended with my Mom...just to see and experience the joy in her eyes as we shared this favorite actually brought tears to my eyes....This was a Wonderful performance of all the actors....A must see...for sure! Rating - | Nov 6 2010 10:26AM

Good Morning: I attended the Wiz Sunday 10/31, My first time at Center State for a Musical. What a lovely evening it was. I enjoyed the show, Everyone from the time i purchased tickets, how patient the young man was to explain the seating and the price that was affordable for me. Even the usher's were very friendly. Made you feel at home, What a cozy theater. I also appreciate no children under age 5 they do get restless. I was so impressed that i treated my daug hter and grand kids (7&11) When they attended Wednesday they happen to run into the dog toto, the owner took a picture with the kids how kind of her. Everything was just a delight. Cast, Customers, MUSIC!!,Dance, !!Acting. I could go on and on. I plan to come back to Center Stage in the future. Thumbs up for Center Stage Ethel Rating - | Nov 5 2010 12:08PM

I absolutely LOVED the play \[which I called, The Wiz, (remix)\] . Great acting, singing and dancing! I'm so glad I got a chance to see it. Thank you for a great time! Rating - | Nov 4 2010 2:59PM

Being a theater junky and a true supporter of the arts, I felt that this was a very poorly done production. I'm not sure if they had any budget at all to put this on, but it clearly looked like a high schools final production show. I was very displeased in the costumes, the direction and to take such a well written script and rewrite it...well (shaking my head). Next time you guys put on this production call me so I can show you how to really put it together. If I wasn't such a supporter of the arts I'd request $49.50 of my $50.00 ticket back. Rating - 1 | Nov 4 2010 10:39AM

This was the best production of the WIZ I've ever seen! I took my two Goddaugher's and they were beside themselves watching the show! They are still talking about how much they enjoyed every part of the show!!! Rating - | Nov 4 2010 10:12AM

I absolutely enjoyed the performance on 10.23.10. My 7 year old daughter sung along with every song. We were thrilled that would could experience this awesome show. Keep up the great work. Rating - | Oct 25 2010 2:44PM

I just wanted to say a resounding "THANK YOU" for the opportunity to see this remarkable production of The Wiz!! I enjoyed every moment from beginning to the end!! What a fabulous cast!! The music, the dancing, the "updated" spin to it...all added to a LOVELY show!! I saw the play eons ago while living in NY(Stephanie Mills played Dorothy)....but it was no comparison to Center Stage's!! Allette Congrats to all involved an keep bringing us these wonderful plays!!! Rating - | Oct 19 2010 1:15PM

For my 44th birthday this year I was surprised with tickets the see the production of the WIZ at center stage OH MY GOD I cried through the whole play it was awesome, wonderful cast I was glad to see that the play covered all the scenes in the movie. This play was definitely a must see.If time permits I’m going to try and see it again before it leaves Baltimore. Melissa Rating - | Oct 18 2010 6:42PM

I saw it 2x. season tix and then with the kids with 1/2 promo! The show was fantastic, and it is hard to choose a favorite but I will try. My son LOVED the lion - (mean ol' lion), my daughter loved Evilene (no bad news), and my fave character(s) was addeperle/evilene her voice is amazing, but my fave song was by the tinman (if i could feel). Fave scene was when the scarecrow came down off the pole. Excellent show! Damaris Rating - | Oct 15 2010 4:41PM

I love the entire play!!! My favorite song was "The Feeling We Once Had" I cried during the performance... And the play just started. Lola Rating - | Oct 15 2010 4:40PM


I have enjoyed many shows at Center Stage. However, I wanted to pass on some comments from a friend about the Wiz. Sadly, I did not see this show but she said that the vocals were so incredible that she and the people she was with actually had tears (some had "goosebumps" she said) in their eyes. Not many performances can do that. Just thought you would want to know. Thank you Rating - | Oct 13 2010 12:58PM

The production was fantastic!! I have been a subsriber for a long time. The costuming,choreography,music was wonderful.Voices too. I was very impressed.Thank you,Wendy Rating - | Oct 8 2010 11:47AM

This show is explosive! The cast is exuperant! I can't stop easing on down the road and won't give up walking because I feel a brand new way and can see a brand new day!! ;^) Rating - | Oct 7 2010 11:51PM

We loved the show. The energy, the dance, the singing. We all left with big smiles on our faces and a healthy dosage of optimism. Thank you Center Stage. Hanan Rating - | Oct 6 2010 11:51AM

Running time for The Wiz is 2 hours 20 minutes including one 15-minute intermission. Rating - | Oct 5 2010 11:41AM

How long is "The Wiz"? Does it have an intermission? Rating - | Oct 4 2010 3:09PM

Last night I went to see this delightful play with my family. The cast had me laughing and singing along as Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion eased on down the Yellow Brick Road. Excellent production! Rating - | Oct 3 2010 8:25PM

My son and I went to the 1st Preview night and were totally blown away - what an Amazing Cast! I'll be returning with my niece from Pennsylvania for another show on the 10th. I can't imagine it getting any better! Beautifully strong voices and the dancing is phenomenal! Hats off to Centerstage and the Cast! Rating - | Oct 1 2010 1:38PM

Angela Robinson & LaTrisa Harper!! Coming to see the shows in October and we're very excited to see this show. Rating - | Sep 27 2010 7:53PM

La Trisa Harper...from Lion King and Color Purple..Wow way to bring New York to Baltimore!!!!! Rating - | Sep 19 2010 9:54PM

ladies and Gentleman, I am so excited to return to the quality performances of Center tage. Although we're in rehearsal now, rest assured you will not be disappointed with this production of the WIZ. The Cast is amazing and the show quality is nothing less than stellar, you're sure to be thoroughly entertained and be singing in the isles. I can not wait for you to see this amazing production. Wayne W. Pretlow~ The Mean ole Lion. Rating - | Sep 15 2010 6:05PM

It is so great to be back home in Baltimore, doing one of my favorite shows of all time, in the role of my DREAMS! In a million years, when I came to CENTERSTAGE to see shows with my classmates at Carver Center for Arts and Technology, I never would've guessed I'd be able to say that I performed here too. I'm so excited to share this piece with the people of Baltimore! Eric B. Anthony aka The Scarecrow Rating - | Aug 30 2010 12:54AM

We're very excited that several of our cast are local talents! Kristen Dowtin, who will be playing Dorothy, hails from Maryland, and Eric B. Anthony, the Scarecrow, is a Baltimorean, as is ensemble member Jonathan Burke, who attended Baltimore School for the Arts. Rating - | Aug 25 2010 4:41PM

It would be good to see some local actors in the cast. There are so many talented actors here!! Rating - | Aug 24 2010 10:21AM

I don't see many local names in the cast :( I really wanted to see this one too. Oh Well!! Rating - | Aug 21 2010 8:39AM

As usual I know Center Stage will bring it on! I'm truly excited...and please don't mind me if I start singing along. This too is my all time favorite musical. Rating - | Aug 12 2010 11:44AM

We are almost finished casting and will have an update very soon! Rating - | Aug 9 2010 3:46PM

I'll be singing along with EVERY song! Rating - | Jul 31 2010 9:29PM

Ditto that...Are any locals casted in this one? Its my favorite musical!! Rating - | Jul 31 2010 9:20PM

Who is in the Cast???? Rating - | Jul 26 2010 5:31PM

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