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Camp Teaching Artist Maria Broom

Performing for love

June 30, 2017—Maria Broom is a television actress, theater educator, and beloved storyteller. With more than 40 years of performing and teaching across the globe, Maria has delighted Baltimore Center Stage audiences during the theater’s first Family Series (2016/17), as well as before shows, during events, and as a special guest in education programs like Encounter and Camp Center Stage.

Tell us about what you teach at Camp Center Stage.

As the elder at Camp Center Stage, since our very first year, I have offered a taste of "village" dancing and music and customs. As the children learn one or two pieces to perform in the culminating showcase, they also learn about stillness, inner peace, and the power of sending love across the globe from their hearts. They also get to do lots of free style dancing to music from around the world.
What is it like to watch the students grow in confidence throughout the two-week session?

I am always amazed and so heartened to see how much the children incorporate love and thoughtfulness as they progress through each session. They are learning that the only reason to get on a stage and perform is to make the people happy, to let them feel your love. They take it to heart.
Did you have anything like Camp CS as a young person that sparked your love of theater and dance?

Fortunately, 60 years ago as a girl, I was able to go to the YWCA for several years to dance classes, summer performance camps, etc. I got to perform in the Nutcracker as well as West Side Story. I loved it, so I know how much this camp means to those who come year after year.
The Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Education Center is a new addition to the theater. How will this space improve the Camp CS experience?

My classes at camp are all held in the fifth floor Jay Andrus Rehearsal Hall, but I have performed and taught a workshop for Encounter in the Education Center. I absolutely love that space...its intimate yet spacious size, the big window and its location next to the costume shop. I have a good feeling that many wonderful memories will be made in there.

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