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Humans of Baltimore Center Stage

Get to know us! The staff here at BCS are gloriously talented and interesting even away from work! Check out some of our peeps and their interests, in this semi-regular summer series.

Meet Sara Kissinger!

Sara is a Cancer, a Ravenclaw, an ESFJ, and BCS's Individual Giving Manager: “I’ve been living in the city for five years and I absolutely love it. Moving to Baltimore introduced me to a crazy hobby that I’m totally in love with: acroyoga. Acroyoga is a partner-based movement practice that requires trust, communication, creativity, and willingness to get silly. I’m a huge music nerd who never sported a single sport in her life, but I gave acro a try in 2014, and I’ve been hooked ever since. You can find us at St. Luke’s on the Ave in Hampden on Tuesday nights, if you ever want to give it a try!”

Meet Jeff Bazemore

Jeff Bazemore, our Props Manager! At any given time you can find him and his adorable partner in crime Goji at BCS on 2R. “I met Goji when I was seeking out a dog last year. I went to @barcsanimal_shelter and it was love at first sight. I’m truly excited about all the exciting adventures the 19/20 season will bring. Goji is equally excited about the 19/20 season and the amount of hugs and belly rubs he will receive. Follow BCS Props at @baltimoreprops to keep up on all things props and Goji!”

MEET Lindsay Jacks

Lindsay Jacks is a part-time House Manager/Volunteer Coordinator at BCS. "I have been at BCS for 10 seasons and it truly is my second home. I have also been a bird keeper for 10 years at National Zoo in DC, Baltimore Zoo with penguins, and National Aquarium. In my spare time, I run a nonprofit conservation organization called @lightsoutbaltimore where I organize volunteers to rescue migratory birds downtown that collide with buildings. We rescue over 100 birds and 10 bats per year (yes, bats cannot echolocate around smooth glass buildings) that collide with buildings. We have been featured in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and Baltimore Magazine, and work with organizations such as BOPA, Baltimore Ravens, and Waterfront Partnership to keep migratory birds safe in Baltimore. Also, on Saturdays, you can find me volunteering for wildlife rehabilitation at Phoenix Wildlife Center, where I love to care for wildlife to give them a second chance. I am known in Baltimore as the person you call when you find an injured bird. I am a bird nerd."

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