Baltimore Center Stage: Third Space Dramaturgy

Third Space Dramaturgy

That Face, April 20–April 23, 2017

Boarding School or Bust!

Americans (and even some Brits) have a limited knowledge of what boarding schools are like. Polly Stenham—who attended a boarding school herself—wrote about a less idealized version of boarding schools in That Face

Read accounts from four women who attended boarding schools in the 2000s.

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From Fancies to Fry-ups, Sixth Form to Suet Pudding: Learn Your English Terms & Slang

Brits and Americans both speak English; so why does it sometimes seem that the British have a language all of their own? Check this guide to the references and slang terms used in That Face

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Quiz: Which That Face Character are You?

Are you a Mia or a Henry? A Martha or a Hugh? An Izzy or an Alice? Take this quiz to find out!

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