Baltimore Center Stage: Wright-Right-Now


Personal, customized, on-the-spot plays.

The Wright-Right-Now series, started in fall 2013, is part of our ever-expanding commitment to new work and new writers. It is a simple, fun, immediate way to promote playwrights, engage audiences, and generate nearly instant commissioned work.

One or two intrepid playwrights set up at a small, portable work station with tablet, laptop, notebook, or even typewriter. They take simple prompts from passers-by, and use those to generate typically 5-12 short plays, depending on time and capacity. The plays are either available in printed form at the end of a performance, or get emailed to the commissioner.

Nearly two dozen playwrights have participated so far, creating well over 100 new plays, in venues as diverse as the Baltimore Center Stage lobby before performances, the coffee or bar line for special events, the Young Playwrights Festival, local charity auctions, and even a few Baltimore street corners. The WRN station by the weekly Burger Truck is especially popular.

Explore Wright-Right-Now plays on the LMDA website (Literary Managers and Dramaturgy of the Americas).