Baltimore Center Stage: Thank You Donors

Thank You Donors

The following list includes individual and foundation gifts of $250 or more made to the Baltimore Center Stage Annual Fund in the last eighteen months. Although space limitations make it impossible for us to list everyone who helps fund our artistic, education, and community programs, we are enormously grateful to each person who contributes to Baltimore Center Stage. We couldn’t do it without you!

The Baltimore Center Stage Society represents donors who, through their annual contributions of $1,500 or more, provide special opportunities for our artists and audiences. Society members are actively involved through special events, theater-related travel, and behind-the-scenes conversations with theater artists.

Season Sponsor


  1. The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds
  2. The Shubert Foundation, Inc.

Producers Circle


  1. The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund,
  2. Ellen and Ed Bernard
  3. James and Janet Clauson
  4. Lynn Deering
  5. Jane and Larry Droppa
  6. Kathleen Hyle
  7. Terry H. Morgenthaler and Patrick Kerins
  8. Charles E. Noell III
  9. Lynn and Philip Rauch

Artists Circle


  1. Penny Bank
  2. Bradie Barr and Tollie Miller
  3. The Bunting Family Foundation
  4. Mary Catherine Bunting
  5. Stephanie and Ashton Carter
  6. Nancy Dorman and Stanley Mazaroff
  7. Pearlstone Family Fund
  8. Juliet A. Eurich and Louis B. Thalheimer
  9. Beth and Michael Falcone
  10. Sandra Levi Gerstung
  11. The Goldsmith Family Foundation
  12. Rebecca Henry and Harry Gruner
  13. The Laverna Hahn Charitable Trust
  14. Townsend and Bob Kent
  15. Keith Lee
  16. Sandy Liotta and Carl Osterman
  17. Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker
  18. Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
  19. Judy and Scott Phares
  20. Dave and Chris Powell
  21. George and Betsy Sherman
  22. Sharon and Jay Smith
  23. Michele Speaks and David Warnock
  24. Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children of Baltimore City

Playwrights Circle


  1. Peter and Millicent Bain
  2. Susan and Craig Bancroft
  3. James T. and Francine G. Brady
  4. Sylvia and Eddie Brown
  5. Melissa and Augie Chiasera
  6. The Jane and Worth B. Daniels, Jr. Fund
  7. The Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.
  8. Brian M. and Denise H. Eakes
  9. Daniel and Lori Gahagan
  10. Megan M. Gillick
  11. Fredye and Adam Gross
  12. The Hecht-Levi Foundation, Inc.
  13. Wendy Jachman and Jeffrey Scherr
  14. The John J. Leidy Foundation, Inc.
  15. Paddy and Chuck Morton
  16. J. William Murray
  17. Nora Roberts Foundation
  18. Rodney and Dericka Oddoye
  19. Mark and Joanne Pollak
  20. Eugene and Alice Schreiber Philanthropic Fund
  21. Joe Timmins and Jodie Kristy
  22. Loren and Judy Western
  23. Ted and Mary Jo Wiese

Directors Circle


  1. Anonymous
  2. Taunya Lovell Banks
  3. The Lois and Irving Blum Foundation
  4. Meredith and Adam Borden
  5. The Harry L. Gladding Foundation, Winnie and Neal Borden
  6. Diana and Clinton Daly
  7. Jed Dietz and Julia McMillan
  8. Walter B. Doggett III and Joanne Doggett
  9. The Suzy and Eddie Dunn Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation, in
  10. Dick Gamper
  11. Suzan Garabedian
  12. Robert and Cheryl Guth
  13. Sandra and Thomas Hess
  14. Ralph and Claire Hruban
  15. David and Elizabeth J Himelfarb Hurwitz
  16. Chris and Wendy Jeffries
  17. Rodica Johnson
  18. Francie and John Keenan
  19. Thomas and Lara Kopf
  20. Barry Kropf
  21. Francine and Allan Krumholz
  22. The Macht Philanthropic Fund of The Associated
  23. Jim and Mary Miller
  24. Hugh and Leanne Mohler
  25. Valerie and Hutch Robbins
  26. Michelle and Nathan Robertson
  27. Charles and Leslie Schwabe
  28. Barbara Payne Shelton
  29. Scott and Mimi Somerville
  30. George and Holly Stone
  31. Michael B. Styer
  32. Harry and Carey Thomasian
  33. Donald and Mariana Thoms
  34. Ellen J. Remsen Webb and J.W. Thompson Webb
  35. Cheryl Hudgins Williams and Alonza Williams
  36. Todd M. Wilson and Edward Delaplaine II
  37. Dr. Richard H. Worsham and Ms. Deborah Geisenkotter
  38. Patricia Yevics-Eisenberg and Stewart Eisenberg

Designers Circle


  1. Anonymous
  2. Baum Foundation, Patricia Baum
  3. Elizabeth and Mariah Bonner
  4. Susan Bridges and Bill Van Dyke
  5. The Campbell Foundation, Inc.
  6. The Caplan Family Foundation, Inc.
  7. William and Bonnie Clarke
  8. Jane Cooper and Philip Angell
  9. The Cordish Family
  10. B.J. and Bill Cowie
  11. Linda Eberhart
  12. Dr. Matthew Freedman and Dr. Gladys Arak Freedman
  13. Dr. Neil Goldberg, in memory of Carole S. Goldberg
  14. David Hodnett
  15. James and Rosemary Hormuth
  16. Joseph J. Jaffa
  17. Murray Kappelman +
  18. Andrea B. Laporte
  19. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Linehan, The Linehan Family Foundation
  20. John Messmore
  21. Morris A. Mechanic Foundation
  22. John and Susan Nehra
  23. Lee and Marilyn Ogburn
  24. Jill and Darren Pratt
  25. Michael Ross
  26. Monica and Arnold Sagner
  27. Jesse Salazar and Tom Williams
  28. Barbara and Sig Shapiro
  29. The Judi and Burr Short Charitable Fund
  30. Scott and Julia Smith
  31. Cape Foundation, Turner and Judy Smith
  32. Krissie and Dan Verbic
  33. Nanny and Jack Warren, in honor of Lynn Deering
  34. Sydney Wilner



  1. Anonymous
  2. Diane Abeloff
  3. Richard and Lisa Blue
  4. Bruce Blum
  5. Leonor and Marc Blum
  6. John and Carolyn Boitnott
  7. The Harry L. Gladding Foundation/Winnie and Neal Borden
  8. Drs. Joanna and Harry Brandt
  9. Natalie and Paul Burclaff
  10. James DeGraffenreidt and Mychelle Farmer
  11. Lawrie Deering and Albert DeLoskey
  12. The Honorable and Mrs. E. Stephen Derby
  13. José and Ginger Galvez
  14. Richard and Sharon Gentile, in honor of the Center Stage Costume Shop
  15. Goldseker Foundation
  16. Stuart and Linda Grossman
  17. F. Barton Harvey and Janet Marie Smith, in honor of Terry Morgenthaler
  18. Rachel and Ian Heavers
  19. Kelly and Andre Hunter
  20. Benno and Elayne Hurwitz Family Foundation
  21. Harriet S. Iglehart
  22. Max Jordan
  23. Shirley Kaufman
  24. Deborah Kielty
  25. Nancy Kochuk and Carl Luty
  26. Peter Leffman
  27. Diane Markman
  28. Kathy and Jim Mathias
  29. Brad Mendelson
  30. Jane and Joe Meyer
  31. Beverly and John Michel
  32. Dr. and Mrs. C.L. Moravec
  33. Betsy Nelson
  34. Michael and Cristina Niccolini
  35. Dr. Bodil Ottesen
  36. Jeffrey and Laura Thul Penza
  37. Leslie and Gary Plotnick
  38. Janet Plum, in memory of Jeffrey J. Plum
  39. Dorothy Powe, in memory of Ethel J. Holliday
  40. The James and Gail Riepe Family Foundation, in honor of Lynn Deering
  41. Betsy and Carlton Sexton, in honor of Lynn and Philip Rauch
  42. Bayinnah Shabazz, M.D.
  43. The Ida and Joseph Shapiro Foundation
  44. The Earle and Annette Shawe Family Foundation
  45. The Sinksy-Kresser-Racusin Memorial Foundation
  46. The Sinksy-Kresser-Racusin Memorial Foundation
  47. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Smelkinson
  48. E. Follin Smith
  49. Terri and Bob Smith
  50. Scot T. Spencer
  51. Susan and Brian Sullam
  52. William J. Sweet and Geraldine Mullan
  53. Dr. Edgar and Betty Sweren
  54. Marc and Diana Terrill
  55. Mark and Kathryn Vaselkiv
  56. Jean L. Wyman
  57. The Zerhouni Family Charitable Foundation