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Gabriel Macedo


Multimedia Fellow Gabriel Macedo has had an integral role this season as the completely renovated Baltimore Center Stage building incorporates multi-media projections and new technologies both onstage and off. From the lobbies to the stage Gabe has helped create the impressive and beautiful effects guests can find at every turn.  Learn more from his perspective:  

“One of the largest parts of Baltimore Center Stage’s renovation was the addition of multimedia into the structure of the building.

If you’ve been to the new building you have already experienced this; there are four projectors and nine monitors in the first floor Deering Lobby alone, with even more in the fourth floor Deering Lounge and Nancy Roche Chapel. This didn’t stop at the lobbies. With the renovation, the multimedia department got lots of new toys to play with on stage, many of which were used in Twisted Melodies.

Twisted Melodies was a multimedia heavy show, with five projectors being used in the production. The projections were very much an extension of Donny Hathaway, accentuating his thoughts and emotions throughout the show. I had the honor of being the projections operator for the show, and ensuring that Mike Tutaj’s work as projection designer stayed consistent for the run. Each performance, I ran the projections and made sure every audience member got the same insight into Donny’s genius and inner demons.

Our final show of the season, Jazz, will also heavily feature multimedia. This time, I will be the programmer as well as the projections operator and will work with the designer to realize the concept on stage.

I am incredibly excited to help bring the world of Jazz to life and hope you will come to experience it in the Head Theater.”