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Video: The Living Room—Miss You Like Hell Experience

Patrons attending Baltimore Center Stage’s production of Miss You Like Hell have been overwhelmed by the joyous theatricality of the incredible musical, as it resonates with audiences young and old.  Its emotionally sweeping lens on the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, and its heart-wrenching glimpse into the political climate of a country wrestling with its collective conscious on immigration laws are just a couple of reasons Miss You Like Hell is an experience not to be missed.

In keeping with Baltimore Center Stage’s core values, the art on stage serves to reverberate in the community at large. In service of that endeavor, our Artistic team has created a pre-and post- show reflection space for Miss You Like Hell.  We transformed the Nancy K. Roche Chapel into an area to facilitate insightful thought and opportunities for activism. The room’s ambiance provides a relaxing environment and includes books that were referenced by Miss You Like Hell’s Olivia; literature about getting involved with immigration issues, and a space to write letters to those who are detained in Maryland.

Driven by Annalisa Dias, Baltimore Center Stage Director of Artistic Partnerships and Innovation with support from The Pratt Library and Homie House Press, we have utilized community partnerships to develop The Living Room.  We invite you to purchase tickets to see Miss You Like Hell through October 13, 2019 and take advantage of this experience!