Baltimore Center Stage: Auditions




Baltimore Center Stage seeks Equity and Non-Union performers for the upcoming production of Miss You Like Hell, book and lyrics by Quiara Alegria Hudes, music and lyrics by Erin McKeown.

Rehearsals run August 13, 2019 through September 19, 2019. Performances will take place September 12, 2019 through October 13, 2019. 

Open audition will be held Wednesday June 12, 2019 from 2pm to 7pm. Auditions will be walk-in only and a sign-up sheet will be available starting at 1:30pm. Auditions are first come, first served.

Callbacks will be held by invitation on Friday, June 14, 2019 from noon to 5pm.

Location: Baltimore Center Stage, 700 N. Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Preparation: Please prepare with a monologue and song of your choice not to exceed two minutes total for both. Contemporary pop, musical theater, rock, folk, and world music are all accepted. An accompanist will be provided. 

Please bring a photo/headshot and resume with theatrical experience to audition. Baltimore Center Stage encourages all ethnicities, genders, non-binary performers, and performers with disabilities to audition. This audition is open to folx of all skill and experience levels.

If you are unable to attend our open call on June 12th but would like to be considered for this project, please send a picture and resume to

Please contact with questions.





BEATRIZ.  Female.  Latinx.  Late 30s/Early 40s, but still has the spirit of a 20-year-old.  Charismatic. 

Free-spirited. Tough. Savvy. Passionate. Open. Impulsive. Funny, with a good sense of humor. Street-smart and intelligent. Fiercely loving and protective. An undocumented Mexican immigrant from Tijuana; she was raised in a dual culture that ties her to both her heritage and her life in the United States. Loves her daughter intensely but has no interest in being a traditional mom. In the face of her upcoming immigration hearing and the likelihood of deportation, her priority is to make the most of the time she has with Olivia. A SPANISH SPEAKER—fluency is not necessary, but the character does speak occasional Spanish and it should sound natural and like the character’s first language. Mexican Spanish a plus. Must be a strong singer with a rock sound.

OLIVIA.  Female. Latinx. 18+ to play 15. Guarded. Self-aware. Incredibly smart. Edgy. Introspective, literary, creative. Strong. Scared of the size of her own emotions, including anger, sadness, and a capacity for wild happiness. Her depression and anxiety keep her trapped in an internal world and make it difficult for her to connect with others. Uses a dark sense of humor and her intellect to avoid getting real. Raised primarily by her white father. Angry at her mother, but ultimately dying for a connection with her. The furthest thing from a Disney princess. Must be a strong singer with a contemporary sound.

MANUEL.  Male. Latinx. 40s. Easygoing. Openhearted. Rugged. Sentimental, tender, and romantic. Has an easy sense of humor. Intelligent, hardworking, and loyal. Very appealing. An immigrant from Peru. Carrying sadness with him due to the death of his wife, he works hard to be a positive person and find joy. Very happy to reminisce with Beatriz over the tamales he makes and sells from a street cart in South Dakota, and equally happy to join their road trip brigade and to be a positive role model to Olivia. A SPANISH SPEAKER—fluency is not necessary, but the character does speak occasional Spanish and it should sound natural and like the character’s first language. Must be a strong singer with a lilting vocal style.

PEARL.  Female. Black. 18+ to play younger. A Junior Ranger at Yellowstone National Park. Naturally optimistic. Honest. Lively. Thoughtful. Adventurous. Confident and mature for her age. 

Outgoing. Responsible. Has a curious spirit and a good sense of humor. Loves her job, loves the animals and the landscape, and passionate about her identity and Black history. Dealing with losing her mother, aching for connection, committed to choosing happiness for herself and holding those she loves accountable. A good friend, she supports Olivia completely and also challenges her to rise to her best. Must be a strong singer.

HIGGINS.  Male. Black. 60s. Supportive, loving, adventurous. Quick to smile. Talkative and friendly. Thoughtful and kind. Encouraging and generous. Has had his share of difficulty in life and has come out the other side an even-tempered and positive person  A social smoker and product of his generation from Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently riding his motorcycle around the country with his partner of 40 years, MO, to get married in all 50 states. Must be a strong singer.

MO.  Male. White. 60s. Rough around the edges, but warm and kind. Good-natured. A heavy smoker and a whiskey drinker. A Vietnam vet from Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s every bit the gruff, rugged man he was raised to be and has been through his share of scrapes, but at heart is an open-minded and loving person. Currently riding his motorcycle around the country with his partner of 40 years, HIGGINS, to get married in all 50 states. Must be a strong singer.

ENSEMBLE.  30s–50s. Any gender (including male, female, and non-binary). All ethnicities. Seeking five STRONG singers who will each play a specific role in the story—A LAWYER, AN OFFICER, A LEGAL CLERK, A MOTEL DESK WORKER, and AN ICE OFFICIAL. These five characters fill out the picture of the world our show inhabits and should be unique, with the ability to both sing as part of a group and remain vivid individuals. ABILITY TO PLAY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS A PLUS.

You are welcome to submit a headshot and resume at any time by email to

Please make sure to specify if you are AEA, EMC, or NON-UNION and if you are a local Baltimore area actor.

For casting questions please email