Baltimore Center Stage: Animal Farm
Animal Farm
March 01–April 01
  • Adapted by Ian Wooldridge
  • Directed by May Adrales


One day on Manor Farm, shortly before his death, an old boar named Major told the other animals about his dream. United by the realization that all animals have a common enemy—man—the animals revolted against the tyranny of forced work. They fought and gained their freedom and established a system of thought, Animalism, based on the wise words of the Major. All animals are comrades. All animals are equal. But as months and years pass, the exalted words of the Major become distorted, and the citizens of Animal Farm come to see that some animals are more equal than others. Co-produced with Milwaukee Repertory Theater.

“Profound and affecting.” –New York Times

“A brilliant politically minded piece.” –The Guardian

Content Advisory: Based on Orwell’s dystopian novel, this adaptation includes mature themes and subject matter that may be best suited for theater-goers in middle school and up.

Approximate runtime is 1 hour and 30 minutes. There will be no intermission.



Creative Team


Scenic Designer

Costume Designer

Lighting Designer

Composer/Sound Designer

Composer/Sound Designer

Movement Director

Casting Director

New York Casting

New York Casting

Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

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“As is typical of Center Stage, the performances are all great. The cast is… extraordinarily tight.”— Broadway World
"This classic resonates as loudly as ever."— The Baltimore Sun
“When it comes to Animal Farm some times are more timely than others, and we’re living in one of those times.”— WYPR
“The look of the production and particularly the look of the animals is one of the best things about it.”— WYPR
“Accentuated with smart staging brought to life by the innovative artistic team… the versatile eight-member cast seamlessly pulls double and triple duty, using music, schematic movement, and puppet-like masks to deliver evocatively visceral performances.”— DC Metro Theater Arts
“Director May Adrales… effectively underlines the scenes that give the story its greatest tension.”— The Baltimore Sun
“One of the best adaptations of a novel I’ve seen in quite awhile.”— Backstage Baltimore
“The performances are spot on and the production is well through-out and presented impeccably. You don’t want to miss this production this season so, get your tickets directly.”— Backstage Baltimore
“Costume Design by Izumi Inaba is a particular highlight… she is to be applauded and commended for her impeccable design.”— Backstage Baltimore
“The lighting, designed by Noele Stollmack, and sound, designed by Nathan A. Roberts and Charles Coes, is astounding in accentuating the direness in which the animals live.”— MD Theatre Guide