Baltimore Center Stage: Accessibility



Baltimore Center Stage is working towards offering the most diverse and up to date services as possible. We believe that ADA compliance is the bare minimum and only a place to start. We are committed to always providing the best services to everyone. If you have questions or suggestions for anything, please email 

If you have a need that isn’t addressed below, please call us at 410.332.0033 (Maryland Relay 711 or VER) or email us at


Wheelchair & Mobility Access

All of our performance spaces are fully accessible for patrons with mobility needs. A wheelchair is available for use upon request. Our main entrance has a gently sloping ramp that provides access to our lobby. To purchase a mobility or companion seats, choose the performance you wish to attend and on the Select Your Seat map, look for seats with a note marked wheelchair.

Blind/Low Vision

Audio Description

For patrons with visual impairments, we offer Audio Description, which provides an objective description of the non-verbal action on stage. Headsets are available from the Box Office at no charge with a photo ID. 

We have scheduled Audio Description for select performances of all our Mainstage shows. We can also provide Audio Description services for any performance if given at least seven days advance notice (except for the first preview performance, which Audio Describer Volunteers use to prepare). Contact the Box Office to make a request.


Preceding the regular Audio Described performance, Touch Tours will be offered.  Touch Tours are tactile tours that allow patrons to touch costume pieces, sets, and/or props used in the show as well as conversation with Production, Artistic, and/or Dramaturgy. These tours are open to everyone. Touch Tours run from 12–1pm and patrons are welcome to join at any time in that window.

Large Print Programs

Large print programs are available at no extra change for Mainstage performances at the Box Office.

Braille Programs

Braille programs are available at no charge for Mainstage performances at the Box Office.

Deaf/Hearing Loss

Assistive Listening

We offer personalized Assistive Listening devices that amplify and clarify sound with built in t-coil technology.  Devices are available for any performance, and can be checked out at the Box Office at no cost with a photo ID.

Maryland Relay Service

We are happy to accept Maryland Relay Service calls and VER through our Box Office (410.332.0033) and Administrative Offices (410.986.4000).

closed Captioning

We offer personalized handheld devices display the text of the play in real time. You can check out a Closed Captioning device at the Box Office before your performance. Devices are available at no charge with a photo ID.

We can accommodate requests for Closed Captioning at any time.

First Chair ASL Interpreted Performance

We offer a sign interpreted performance for each of our Mainstage plays. Please email if you have any questions.

ASL performances will take place on the final Friday of each play.

Personal Care Assistant


For any guest who requires a paid Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and purchases a ticket, Baltimore Center Stage will provide a PCA Pass at no charge. Any guest with a disability who requires a PCA and will buy or has bought tickets should call the Box Office at 410.332.0033. PCA passes will be held at the Box Office for pick up the day of your performance. The PCA Pass will enable the PCA to enter the theater and sit with the guest during the performance or event. If there is not a seat nearby, the Box Office will sit them as close as possible.

Service/Support Animals

Service Animals

Service Animals and In-Training Service Animals, as recognized by ADA, are welcome into all of our venues.

In-Training Service Animals will be held to the same standard as service animals and if they become disruptive in any way, the patrons and the in-training service animal may be asked to leave.

Emotional Support Animals

Baltimore Center Stage does permit emotional support animals with the following guidelines:

  1. The animal must fit within the lap or under the seat of the patron. The animal may not occupy the seat next to the patron, regardless if it has been sold or not. The animal cannot sit or protrude into the aisle.
  2. The animal cannot be disruptive in any way. Any disturbance to other patrons, staff, or the show will result in immediate removal from the performance. Disruptions include but are not limited to growling, biting or attempting to bite, making any noise, and/or jumping on or lunging at other people. What is considered a disruptive action is at the sole discretion of Baltimore Center Stage.
  3. The animal must never be left alone and must be in the patron’s control at all times by leash, harness, or container.
  4. Baltimore Center Stage will not be responsible or liable for any transgressions caused by an emotional support animal.

The following restrictions are placed on emotional support animals for the sake of public health:

  1. All reptiles, birds, hedgehogs, and any member of the Arthropoda genus including spiders and crabs must always be in a sealed, ventilated container. They cannot be removed for any reason.
  2. Primates are prohibited due to the transmission of disease.
  3. All mammals must be current on rabies vaccinations and patrons must be able to present proof of rabies vaccinations if requested or needed.
  4. Wildlife species regulated by USFWS are prohibited without proper documentation; this includes but is not limited to opossums, raccoons, and squirrels.