Baltimore Center Stage: Tours



Baltimore Center Stage offers behind-the-scenes tours, architectural tours, and student tours. These tours can be scheduled ahead of time and are offered all day and up to an hour before the show starts. Our docents are volunteers who are dedicated to our theater. We ask that you submit tour requests with two weeks' notice. If there is a short-notice request, we will do our best to fulfill it.

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Behind the Scenes Tours (45–60 mins)

Have you ever wondered how Baltimore Center Stage’s beautiful costumes were created? Or where we got that stunning piano? Or those chandeliers? This tour is focused on everything that happens behind the scenes in our shops before they hit the stage. This tour will include a walk through our Scene Shop, our Costumes Shop, and our Props Department. Additionally, this tour will also include, when possible, a look at our sound and light equipment used to create effects on the stage.  

Architectural Tours (45–60 mins)

Have you ever wondered about the history of Baltimore Center Stage? Or why it was designed the way it was? Has Calvert Street always been our home? This tour will focus on the building and the history behind it. Looking back to our very first season over 50 years ago, we’ll discuss the leadership and the events leading up to our home. Additionally, we will look at parts of the building protected by the Maryland Historical Society, what the building used to be before Baltimore Center Stage, and architectural improvements in the space that help utilize it for live performance. We’ll also take a look at the new space improvements and discuss different renovations from years past.

Educational Tours (35-45 mins)

Are you a school teacher with a group of young people who want to learn about backstage? Do your students love costumes and giant prop pieces? For kids of all ages, this tour will walk through backstage areas and look at the history of the building. For elementary and middle schoolers, we’ll take a look at the costumes and props of shows past. For high schoolers, this tour will also look at careers in arts administration and the day-to-day life of running a theater. These tours are offered before and after student matinees and are specifically reserved for teachers and students attending those performances.