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Men on Boats designers


Designing the Scenes for Men on Boats

Men on Boats assembled an incredible team of designers who re-define how stories are conveyed through their creativity. Get a glimpse into their unique design process.

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Tisha Edwards at Baltimore Center Stage

Baltimore Center Stage Leadership Team Participates in “Food for Thought

This past Thursday, we held our first “Food for Thought” with Tisha Edwards, Director of Baltimore City Office of Children and Family Success, to maximize these opportunities collectively.

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BaltiMOST: Stephanie Ybarra Selected in Baltimore Fishbowl’s Inaugural Superlatives

Fishbowl's  Casandra Miller writes about Stephanie’s collaborative efforts to encourage a more civically sound community.  

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Scenes in Color Features Miss You Like Hell

We are so excited that noted writer Jose Solis, founder of Scenes of Color, interviewed Lorraine Velez and Stephanie Gómerez from Miss You Like Hell.  Check out his interviews:

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2019-2020 Season Artist Feature: Mirlande Jean-Gilles

Mother of two, award-winning artist and writer Mirlande Jean-Gilles captured our Season through her collage art for the 2019-20 season. Mirlande specializes in detail-capturing collages that vividly echo the heart and soul of a community.

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Behind the Music with Erin McKeown

Writer, singer, and producer Erin McKeown is bringing her distinctive, unforgettable sound to Baltimore Center Stage on Saturday October 5, performing a free concert. Our current production, Miss You Like Hell is Erin’s first musical production and was named Best Musical in 2018 by the Wall Street Journal. We got a chance to talk to Erin about her work. Check it out, in her own words:

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The Living Room:   Miss You Like Hell Experience

September 25, 2019—Come get comfortable in The Living Room!

Driven by Annalisa Dias, Baltimore Center Stage Director of Artistic Partnerships and Innovation with support from The Pratt Library and Homie House Press, we have utilized community partnerships to transform the Nancy K. Roche Chapel into an area to facilitate insightful thought and opportunities for activism.

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July 16, 2019—Get to know us! The staff here at BCS are gloriously talented and interesting even away from work! Check out some of our peeps and their interests, in this semi-regular summer series.


When I Think of Music


May 6, 2019—Few musicians covered such a range of musical history and genre as Hathaway in his short, but powerful, career.

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Community and Creation


May 6, 2019How to Catch Creation is an ode to Black creativity, telling intersecting stories of artists and their work across time and space. This same creative spirit that is onstage blossoms throughout Baltimore. We celebrate Black art on our stage, and we celebrate the creation that happens right here in our communities.

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A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution

April 29, 2019How to Catch Creation is a "radical departure" from sensationalized Black narratives typically represented in American Theater. From the show program: "By writing Black characters who are middle-class, successful, and flourishing in their talents, Anderson commits the revolutionary act of representing Black people as people: people who have messy love lives, drink too much wine, and make art."

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Christina Anderson

MEET How To Catch Creation PLAYWRIGHT Christina Anderson

April 22, 2019—Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Creation playwright Christina Anderson has had her works produced at places like The Public Theater, Yale Repertory Theatre, and Playwrights Horizons and has won honors like the Lorraine Hansberry Award and the Harper Lee Award. Learn more about Christina and her path to Creation in her own words.

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Paula Vogel


February 18, 2019—Playwright Paula Vogel, a titan of the American theater who just so happens to be a Marylander and one of BCS’s most frequent collaborators. We’ve experienced her brilliance in our productions of The Baltimore Waltz, How I Learned to Drive, and A Civil War Christmas.

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Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For

Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For

January 10, 2019—Long before her Fun Home fame, Alison Bechdel was best known for her comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For (DTWOF).

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Page to Stage


January 10, 2019Fun Home has taken the theater world by storm since its Broadway debut in 2015. It has been lauded across the board for its innovations of the musical theater form, as well as for its all-female writing team and its tender representation of queer stories. But this overnight success certainly didn’t happen overnight.

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Anastacia McCleskey

Anastacia in Conversation

November 28, 2018—November 28—Anastacia McCleskey, who starred in SOUL The Stax Musical as Deanie Parker, returns as Cherry Hill (and Young Swann) in A Wonder in My Soul. Check out this conversation about returning to Baltimore, about playing two strong female characters, and about the music in both productions.

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Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves

November 16, 2018—Beauty salons, parlors, and shops are long-standing institutions within Black communities. These crucial spaces also led to a unique business opportunity for Black women.

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Andrew Pastides and Stephanie Gibson

The Surprisingly Happy Marriage Behind Brick and Maggie

September 10, 2018—Real-life newlywed actors, Stephanie Gibson and Andrew Pastides, are playing opposite each other in our production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Baltimore Style recently asked them about playing this famously contentious couple.

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Judith Ivey


August 23, 2018Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opens Thursday, September 13, in our Pearlstone Theater. Written by Tennessee Williams, and directed by Judith Ivey, our production of Cat tells a classic tale of a southern family desperately trying to keep secrets despite the thinly veiled walls around them. Before you come to see this thought-provoking play, learn more about director Judith Ivey.

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Marshall and Madeline

This Week: Meet Marshall & Madeline

July 31, 2018—This summer, we want you to get to know us. Over the next few weeks we’ll post five Q&As with our staff.

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Anna and Larry

This Week: Meet ANNA & LARRY

July 17, 2018—This summer, we want you to get to know us. Over the next few weeks we’ll post five Q&As with our staff.

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Sara and Gavin

This Week: Meet Sara & Gavin

July 10, 2018—This summer, we want you to get to know us. Over the next few weeks we’ll post five Q&As with our staff.

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The SOUL of Baltimore


June 6, 2018—The leading ladies of SOUL The Stax Musical reflect on this record-breaking production and the discoveries they made during their stay in Charm City.

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Stax: The Timeline

Stax: The Timeline

April 23, 2018—While the action of SOUL The Stax Musical presents a theatrical version of the story, it is of course based (however loosely) on very real people and events. To help ground the flow of the narrative, we offer some excerpts from the official Stax history timeline.

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March for Our Lives

My Day at the March for Our Lives

March 30, 2018—Last weekend, Baltimore Center Stage Executive Director Michael Ross chartered a bus to the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC and invited a group of local teenagers along. Here is one of the teen’s first-hand account of the historic day.

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Spring Break Camp BCS

BCS's Inaugural Spring Break Camp Was a Hit!

March 27, 2018—In a week filled with new routines, songs, movements, and monologues,  enthusiastic campers found their inner-artists and made new friends along the way.

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Suzette Azariah Gunn

Five Fun Facts with SUzette Azariah Gunn

March 23, 2018—Stage and screen actress—and veteran Mobile Unit performer—Suzette Azariah Gunn (Endgame 2016/17) reconnects with the Baltimore community in the Mobile Unit production of Twelfth Night.

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Brandon Rubin

Five Fun Facts with Brandon Rubin

March 22, 2018—The multi-talented Shakespearean actor Brandon Rubin shows off his puppeteering skills in the Mobile Unit production of Twelfth Night.

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David Darrow

Five Fun Facts with David Darrow

March 21, 2018—Actor David Darrow, returning to Baltimore Center Stage for the second time this season, delights in the intimate production of the Mobile Unit.

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Thea Brooks

Five Fun Facts with thea Brooks

March 20, 2018—Actress Thea Brooks skillfully plays both the Duke Orsino and his love interest Olivia in the Mobile production of Twelfth Night—including one hilarious scene when they’re both on stage together.  

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Bari Robinson

Five Fun Facts with Bari Robinson

March 19, 2018—Actor Bari Robinson returns to Baltimore Center Stage to play multiple roles in this Mobile Unit production of Twelfth Night, Shakespeare’s topsy-turvy comedy, squeezed in at a brisk 90 minutes.  

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Jon Seligman


March 15, 2018—Meet percussionist Jon Seligman, our Mobile Unit Musician, as he sits down with WTMD to discuss Daniel Bryant’s Twelfth Night. Hear his take on the BCS Mobile Unit as well a sampling of the sounds he creates for this production, including the riqq, an Arabic tambourine.

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Izumi Inaba

A Conversation with Animal Farm Costume Designer Izumi Inaba

February 26, 2018—Costume Designer Izumi Inaba shares her thoughts on creating costumes for this production: "Much of my inspiration came from oppressed workers in many different countries during the Communist era. I wanted to reflect their struggles in how I represented the animals... The ensemble's base costumes ranged from military uniforms from different wars of the 20th Century to the masses of uniformed workers in modern China.... The biggest challenge was finding a cohesive aesthetic for all the animal masks."

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Accidental Tourists - Skeleton Crew

Accidental Tourists: Skeleton Crew

February 23, 2018—Baltimore Center Stage's Public Relations Manager Robyn Murphy caught up with Sekou Laidlow and Brittany Bellizeare from Skeleton Crew and asked them what they’ve done around town during the production.

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NFLPA at Skeleton Crew


February 13, 2018—Baltimore Center Stage welcomed the leadership team from the Baltimore Chapter of the National Football League’s Players union for a night at the theater.

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January 29, 2018—Check out Baltimore Center Stage’s Young Playwrights Festival, as highlighted on Baltimore County Public Schools TV.

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Morriseau's Musical Notations

Morriseau's Musical Notations

January 23, 2018—Skeleton Crew’s more contemporary setting leads Morisseau to use hip hop as the play’s leitmotif.

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Walking the Line


January 17, 2018—Production Dramaturg Faedra Chatard Carpenter talks about the city of Detroit and Skeleton Crew.

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Azariah Gunn

On Participating in the Mobile Unit’s Inaugural Journey

January 17, 2018—Azariah Gunn talks about her experiences performing with our Mobile Unit.

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Five Fun Facts with Sekou Laidlow


January 17, 2018—Baltimore Center Stage patrons may remember Sekou playing several roles in the 2013/14 production of A Civil War Christmas by Paula Vogel. He returns to Baltimore Center Stage as Reggie in our upcoming production of Skeleton Crew. We sat down with him to learn more about him offstage.

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An Inside Look Into Casting the Mobile Unit's Twelfth Night


January 10, 2018—When it boils down to the nuts and bolts of casting for the Mobile Unit, talent and training are important because we want the best actors for this work. But it is equally essential to believe in the power of theater and share the passion of storytelling.

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Interview with Markita and Patrice

Video: Interview with Markita Prescott and Patrice Covington

December 7, 2017—During the second week of rehearsal, dramaturg Rebecca Adelsheim sat down with actresses Markita Prescott, who plays Alice, and Patrice Covington, who plays the Red Queen (and other roles), to unpack some of their thoughts on Lookingglass Alice. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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Video: Interview with Mari Travers

Video: Assistant Director Describes Her Baltimore Roots

December 5, 2017Lookingglass Alice Assistant Director and Dance Captain Mari Travis is a true embodiment of our Season of Community. Back in her first professional role as a creative, Mari expresses her appreciation for Baltimore Center Stage and its influence on her.

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Video: Interview with Rennie Harris


November 21, 2017—Baltimore Center Stage sat down with world-renowned choreographer Rennie Harris, who we're thrilled to welcome as choreographer for Lookingglass Alice.

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Alice: Of Our Moment

ALICE: Of Our Moment

November 20, 2017—In 2015, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland celebrated 150 years of publication. From academic Oxford to the revolutionary 2018 Pirelli calendar, Alice’s fantastical journeys down the rabbit hole and through the looking-glass have captivated readers, filmmakers, artists, and fashion designers, keeping the Alice stories an indefatigable part of our cultural imagination.

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Backstage at Baltimore Center Stage

RECAP: 2017 Backstage at Baltimore Center Stage

November 17, 2017—In early November, Baltimore Center Stage hosted over 600 guests at our annual FREE open house, the largest event of its kind in our area. 

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Lane Berk

Baltimore Center Stage Mourns the Loss of Lane Berk

November 16, 2017—We were deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of one of our founding members, Lane Berk.

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Video: Interview with Jefferson A. Russell

VIDEO: INTERVIEW WITH Jefferson A. Russell

November 13, 2017—Jefferson A. Russell sits down to chat about his role as Ralph in Shakespeare in Love and his Baltimore roots, as we highlight our Season of Community.

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Timeline: Women in Theater


October 9, 2017—The Judy & Scott Phares Dramaturgy Fellow Rebecca Adelsheim talks about the history of women in theater.

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Interview with Howard W. Overshown


October 2, 2017—"I've never done a play like this. There is nothing like this." —Howard W. Overshown.

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble

September 13, 2017—Associate Director Gavin Witt on our upcoming fall Play Lab.

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In His Own Words

In His Own Words

September 6, 2017—An excerpt from Playwright's Perspective by Lucas Hnath.

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Playwrights Horizons

PLAYWRIGHTS HORIZONS: An Interview With the Playwright

September 6, 2017—Artistic Director Tim Sanford chats with Lucas Hnath.

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2017-18 Season

Kwame Kwei-Armah on the 2017/18 Season

July 7, 2017—Artistic Director Kwame Kwei-Armah reflects on high notes in the upcoming season.

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A Moment of Artistic Synergy

video: A moment of artistic synergy

July 6, 2017—Take a moment to watch this video which celebrates a very special artistic moment in Baltimore Center Stage's history.


Maria Broom Camp

performing for love with maria broom

June 30, 2017—With more than 40 years of performing and teaching across the globe, Maria Broom has delighted Baltimore Center Stage audiences during the theater’s first Family Series (2016/17), as well as during events and education programs like Encounter and Camp Center Stage.

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Mobile Unit Recap

Spring Play Labs with dan hoyle

June 7, 2017—Baltimore Center Stage recently welcomed Dan Hoyle, a solo performance artist, and his long-time collaborator and director, Charlie Varon. Hoyle brought with him two pieces—Each and Every Thing, a play about finding human connection in an increasingly digital age; and the fledging piece Borders/No Borders.

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Mobile Unit Recap

Recap: The Mobile Unit Journey

June 2, 2017—The Baltimore Center Stage Mobile Unit officially launched this spring with Endgame, Samuel Beckett’s landmark play that explores the inexplicable, unpredictable journey of life, and our desire to not go it alone.

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Camp CS Teaching Artist D. Wambui Richardson

From intern to artist

June 1, 2017—D. Wambui Richardson was an intern at Baltimore Center Stage in 2000. Now, he is a full-fledged teaching artist at Camp Center Stage.

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The Great Migration Jazz Blog

The Great Migration

May 17, 2017—Arminda Thomas, Dramaturg, provides historical context for the story of Jazz.

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The World of Jazz Blog

The World of Jazz

May 16, 2017—Explore the world of Jazz through the words of Toni Morrison, Rudolph Fisher, Claude McKay, and Langston Hughes.

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INTERN SPOTLIGHT:  Multimedia Fellow  Gabriel Macedo  

May 3, 2017— Multimedia Fellow Gabriel Macedo has played an integral role this season as the completely renovated Baltimore Center Stage building incorporates multimedia projections and new technologies at every turn.

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The Jokesters


May 2, 2017—The Jokesters, Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittelsberger, are professionally trained in the fine arts of mime, clowning, magic, makeup, and costume design. They have been performing for audiences across the U.S. since 1983, including eight Command Performances at the White House and a Royal Command Performance for the King of Saudi Arabia.

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Daniel Bryant

Meet Daniel Bryant, Community Programs Director and Artistic Producer

April 3, 2017—“I love acting. It’s one way of contributing to the art,” he says. “But I realized eventually that it was never about becoming famous for me. It was more about using theater to make a difference somehow. I wanted to have a greater impact on the community and the world around me.”

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Hathaway Quiz

Take our Quiz: Can You Complete the Donny Hathaway Lyric?

March 21, 2017—Check out our Donny Hathaway quiz—inspired by Twisted Melodies—and test your lyrical knowledge!

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Kelvin Roston, Jr.

Psychology of a Genius

March 20, 2017a Q&A with Kelvin Roston, Jr.,Writer/Performer of Twisted Melodies.

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CJay Philip


March 10, 2017Broadway Dance Teaching Artist CJay Philip has taught at Baltimore Center Stage for the last six summers. According to Education Coordinator Kristina Szilagyi, CJay is a triple-threat: she’s a Broadway veteran, a choreographer, and incredible educator and mentor to the young people she teaches. We talked to CJay about her experience as a Camp CS Teaching Artist.  

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Vivian Barnes

INTERN SPOTLIGHT:  Audience Relations Intern Vivian Barnes  

March 8, 2017 Last week marked the grand re-opening of Baltimore Center Stage’s fully renovated theater. Audience Relations Intern Vivian Barnes was on hand to greet long-time patrons: “I loved getting to watch people's jaws drop and their eyes widen in delight as they turned the corner and got to see the new lobby, all lit up and expanded. It brought me so much joy to see people walk into the new Head Theater and not want to take their seats because they were so excited to explore everything that has been updated."

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Baltimore Center Stage Ribbon Cutting

A transformed Baltimore center stage reopens after its historic $28 million renovation

March 4, 2017 “In 2012, the Board of Directors and the staff of Baltimore Center Stage conducted a strategic plan to address the needs of our aging historic building, our artist housing in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, and our artistic programming, which serves the citizens of the city, the county, and the state,” said Baltimore Center Stage Board President Terry H. Morgenthaler. “Today, we celebrate the realization of that vision.”

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In The News Baltimore Center Stage


February 15, 2017 monthly look at some of the headlines featuring Baltimore Center Stage. 

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Intern Spotlight Baltimore Center Stage

Intern Spotlight: THE LYNN AND TONY DEERING PRODUCTION INTERN JACK DEE AND Digital Media Fellow Jasmine “JaiBee” Baxter

February 15, 2017Jack Dee, the Lynn and Tony Deering Production Intern, and Jasmine “JaiBee” Baxter, the Digital Media Fellow, have been hard at work helping to create and organize The Ground on Which We Stand.

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The White Snake First Rehearsal Baltimore Center Stage

Notes from The White Snake First Rehearsal

February 14, 2017The cast and design team of The White Snake came together with Baltimore Center Stage staff for the production’s first rehearsal, which took place in the newly renovated Andrus Rehearsal Hall in our historic theater on Calvert Street.

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Natsu Onoda Power Baltimore Center Stage

A Story of Love and Friendship: Natsu Onoda Power Discusses The White Snake and Mary Zimmerman 

February 8, 2017—Natsu Onoda Power is directing The White Snake, the first production in Baltimore Center Stage’s re-designed Head Theater. In this interview, Natsu discusses her approach to directing The White Snake, as well as her relationship with Mary Zimmerman.

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Jack and Jill

The Ground on Which We Stand: An Exploration of Black Excellence

January 26, 2017—The Baltimore Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. in partnership with Baltimore Center Stage are pleased to present a one-time performance featuring music, dance, art, film and projection technology highlighting breakthrough moments in history.

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January 16, 2017—The time has come. Our historic building has reopened after a year of major refurbishment and new construction. We are truly excited to be home.

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CS staff

A Few of Our Favorite Things

January 5, 2017—We asked our leadership, board president, and staff members what they were most looking forward to about the new building.

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Les Liaisons Chaise

Video: Constructing the Chaise in Les Liaisons Dangereuses

December 13, 2016—Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the chaise in Baltimore Center Stage's production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, featuring interviews with Scenic Designer Michael Carnahan and the Baltimore Center Stage props team. 



Meet Education Director Michael Wiggins

December 9, 2016—Michael Wiggins joined the Baltimore Center Stage family in December 2016 as the new Director of Education. Most recently, Wiggins served as the Director of Education and Special Projects at the New York-based Urban Arts Partnership.

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VIDEO: The Costumes of Les Liaisons Dangereuses

November 10, 2016—Award-winning designer Fabio Toblini shares his design process and reveals his inspiration for the stunning costumes in Les Liaisons Dangereuses.



Take our Quiz: Who Said It?

November 4, 2016—Who Said It: Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf or the Marquise de Merteuil?

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Take our Quiz: Who Said It?

November 4, 2016—Who Said It: Mad Men's Don Draper or the Vicomte de Valmont?

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A Masterful Game of Chess

October 6, 2016—Baltimore Center Stage Associate Artistic Director Hana S. Sharif shares her stunning vision for Les Liaisons and her thoughts on why this story continues to be particularly relevant to audiences today. 

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